Sunday 26 January 2020

Save the dates and enter your unavailability in RAS now

Season 2020 is coming, and the CAG is already penciling you in for preseason games.

As you have already read the calendar ;) you know that the annual update is Sun 23rd Feb (@ Quins) and the Dewar Shield kicks off 18th April.

In addition to these:
 - Preseason Cup (senior teams) in Shepparton 14 and 15 March
 - Schools and Juniors KO 2 May

If you are not available, remember to update RAS:
- Sign in to
- Select RAS from the left hand side menu
- Select Unavailable dates and enter the days.

Friday 17 January 2020


Returning members from previous years or new members all need to register with the association online.

Go to 
and select your own account to register. Enter "Victorian Referees" when searching for your club, and answer the questions. Typically if nothing has changed since last time you registered, keep clicking next until you get to the end.

For help on this process download the Rugby Xplorer Registration Guide.

Tuesday 14 January 2020

Fitness Training Jan and Feb

OK so using the 'meeting' image for this blog entry might be misleading to some, but running around - and eating - involves plenty of discussion time, so fitness training for referees is definitely classed as a meeting!

Our time at the Power House rugby ground in Albert Park will start in February - so we have a light start for you until then:
  • Saturday 18th - Run Fawnker Park (across road from hospital) followed by brunch (see Facebook)
  • Monday 20th - Tan Run - meet at the Tan Pillars at 6:30pm near the Swan St Bridge
  • Monday 27th - take the day off its a public holiday!
  • Monday 3rd Feb onward - 6:30pm start at the south eastern end of the grounds. Optional dinner outing afterwards.

Monday 13 January 2020

Season 2020 Planned Calendar

Hello 2020!

Time to start moving and thinking rugby. See attached the planned season calendar which includes training, education and social events. From February we aim to be back at Albert Park for training, and our education sessions will be at Bell's Hotel. Of course there may be some adjustments as we proceed, but this should give you plenty of notice to plan.

View this calendar 3 ways:
- On the left side of this webpage
- If you use gmail / google - view the calendar with this link
- Download and print this 2 page colour coded PDF