Thursday 18 June 2020

Scrum review activity

Need to or want to, brush up on scrum process? A great way to do this is to look at a full games worth of scrums and plan what your communications, actions and decisions should be at each one. Context matters - that's why you watch a whole games worth.
Use this scrum review template (in Library > Learning Resources) to list out each scrum, the action the referee should do, what the players are doing, what talk from the ref is required and a description of context.
To use as a development tool - watch one of your own games. What you choose at home on paper, might not be what you did on the day - but this is how you can implant better actions and outcomes in your mind, ready for the next game. Even if you don't have videos of your own game, use this as a learning tool by watching any other game! 
Of course, this template is already filled in - use it (and the videos linked) as a guide but make a copy, empty it out, and try it with your own.

Wednesday 10 June 2020

Education meeting for June - Scrums

Join us next Wednesday 17th at 6:30pm ONLINE for our next education session. The session will be about scrums.

Similar to previous sessions, this is best attended on a computer, a tablet or phone can be used but may limit your participation.

When you join, please be respectful of others by initially muting your microphone and not showing your video immediately. Discussion and sharing may already have commenced.

Join the Zoom meeting at