Wednesday 22 July 2020

Honour boards now live on our website

Traditionally clubs and associations have large wooden boards in their club and meeting houses, that list office bearers and award winners. These physical reminders invoke a sense of history, foundation, and a way for new members to connect with past members.

We don't have a clubhouse and our typical off field presence in this day-and-age is online. So I'd like to introduce to you our Virtual Honours Board (or click on the tab Honours at the top of this page). Take a look around for some familiar names - many popping up over and over.

These records have been compiled from hard copy and digital meeting minutes, actual shields, assorted documentation and a little bit of member memories. If you spot typos, or know first names of people that can replace an initial, or have documents from the 80's or earlier that can shed light on more of our history, please email