Laws and competition rules
Laws of Rugby (World Rugby)
Touch 7s Laws
Law Changes Feb 2020 (World Rugby and Rugby AU)
Law Changes Jun 2020 (World Rugby and Rugby AU)
Game Management Guidelines (Rugby AU)
Game On Principles (Rugby AU)
Pathway Law Summary U6 to U12 (Rugby AU)
Competition Rules (Rugby Vic)
Victorian Schools Local Rules (VSRU)
Law Variations Summary (Rugby Vic and VRRA)
Disciplinary Rules (Rugby AU)

Red card send off report *(see explanation after this table)
Entering your unavailability
Community rugby incident report (Rugby Australia)
Game score cards
Green shirt referee mentoring report (2016 to 2022)
Orange shirt referee thumbnail report (2017 to 2022)
GPR word doc template *(see explanation after this table)
Referee coaching report (if Sideline unavailable)
Individual season plan, preparation word doc

Mentoring and coaching
Greenshirt mentoring guidance document
Using a GPR guidance document
Green shirt referee mentoring report summary - requires coach signin to view
Orange shirt referee thumbnail report summary - requires coach signin to view
Video - How to create a thumbnail
Video - How to create a report in Sideline

Learning resources
Download RCIP self assessment app (iOS or Android)
Concussion Guidance (Rugby AU)
New line of touch laws 2017
VRRA protocol for open mic comms
Referee checklists summary (for more detail see Refereeing in Practice)
Goal Setting
Scrum review example
Game review summary

Other resources
Ref Audio Pro User Manual (Rectangular radios)
Ref Audio User Manual (Red button radios)
Ref coach radio cheat sheet
Club locations and contacts
School locations
Judical outcomes
VRRA committee roles

Education sessions
2021 April - Mindfulness, Send off report (summary coming soon)
2019 February - Annual Update
2019 March - Scrums and game preparation
2019 April/May - Contextual refereeing
2016 - April, May, June, July, August/Sept
2017 - April, July, September, November
2018 - February, March, April&May

The online red card send off report should be used by both the referee and AR (if the AR is involved in the red card decision). The link above will take you to your appointments. Alongside your appointed game is a Send-off report button.
GPR word doc should be used by referees that are having trouble with Sideline access. Email to your coach before your match and ensure it is completed within 24h of your match to ensure time for feedback that you can use for your next game.  All referees are welcome to use this doc voluntarily to improve their performance.