Sunday 31 July 2022

Referee Ready done. What's next FAQ

Q: I've done the course, now what do I do?
A: Join the VRRA and email Recruitment VP, Rob. To join the VRRA go to > Register > Find a Club > Victorian Referees. Then email Rob on and let him know your general availability so he can appoint you to appropriate games. eg: you play or you're a parent who's involved with a particular school or club, you need to use public transport. This is critical so that we can plan to have a mentor or coach there for your first game. As well as morale support, they will bring green shirt, whistle, and other resources (although ideally we try to get that to you before game day).

Q: How many games to I have to do to be accredited?
A: It depends. Typically its around 5, but depending on your competence it may be fewer or more. In your first few games we aim to have a referee coach or mentor watch you, they will guide you on what you need to work on, and at the right time request a ref coach to complete a competency assessment. After you've completed online law exam and safety requirements, and this on-field assessment is done, you'll be given your full orange shirt uniform.

Q: When do I get paid?
A: Referee payments are processed by Rugby Victoria twice a season and paid directly to referees. Rugby Victoria will send you documents to complete, before payments can be made. Referees can opt to have their payments redirected to the VRRA to contribute to education and development activities, by sending Rugby Victoria written confirmation. Unless you paid your VRRA association fees upfront when registering, your first 3 match payments will go to the VRRA as your association fee.

Q: What should I expect from a referee coach?
A: The role of a referee coach is to support and encourage referee development. They provide advice on ways to improve your refereeing, can help you identify trends in the game, and answer any of your questions. Before the match they might ask you what you're working on so that they can look for that, and provide you with feedback. At the end of the game, they will discuss key aspects, and should provide you with written feedback within a few days of the game. 

Q: How do I keep learning about refereeing?
A: Come to ref training (Mondays 6:30pm at Albert Park), and our monthly meetings (see calendar on this page for place and dates) - these are great places for discussion with other referees. 

Q: How do I stay accredited?
A: Each year you will need to complete an online Season Ready course that encompasses elements of law and game management guidelines. Along with Smart Rugby every two years these are the key elements of accreditation.